Urge To Fly

by Merlin Ball

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released March 7, 2015

All instruments, vocals and production by Merlin Ball © 2015



all rights reserved


Merlin Ball New Westminster, British Columbia

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Track Name: Urge To Fly
What is this
This urge to fly
Legs unsprung
Springs wound tight
Climb this railing
Count to three
Arms out wide
I am free

She calls so loud
But I cannot hear
My head’s in the clouds
Stroking sky
The purring blue
I’m falling up
I’m falling through

Knuckles white
I’m holding on
The urge to fly
Is strong
So strong
I know I
Don’t wanna die
So what is this
This urge to fly

Do I hang on
This beautiful world
Build me a life
Find me a girl
So do I hang on
Just one second more
Turn from the threshold
Slam the door

This was supposed to be
The end of all fears
So why are they screaming
So loud in my ears

Step back
Step back
Step back enjoy the sunshine

Get a coffee
Get my head straight
I cannot let me win
This ain’t gonna be easy
Hang on
But god it feels so good
Bathing this deeply

A voice spoke in my head
And this is what it said
I’m you ten years from now
It all works out somehow

Walk in the sunrise
With me

You’re me ten years ago
So full of our ego
Let it bleed out our feet
Walk on
Walk down the street